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Receiving Mail

October 28, 2009

First of all, a big thank you to little Sara & Martin, Rine, Emily & Nick – because you are the reason for this post!

Well, doubtlessly EVERYBODY loves to receive mail – with that I mean postcards, letters, packages in your mailbox or from the postman. It is amazing how quickly we can communicate via telephone, fax and of course the internet, but still everybody loves to receive real mail. I also LOVE to send mail, because I just know how happy it makes people and I get all giddy when I send something and the recipients do not know and then I am anxiously awaiting the day they let me know the received it! I have boxes full of postcards and letters that I received and my dad kept every single letter, post card etc. I wrote to him while I was living in the US as well. It is just so much different from electronic mail. I like both, but somehow there is something magical about real mail. This was shown to me again during the last three days. On Monday my boyfriend received a holiday postcard from a regular guest at his work, Martin, and his little daughter, Sarah, who are on holidays in Denmark. My man called me the minute he got it out of the mailbox and read the card to me. It was so exciting and written by the little girl Sara. Too cute and so very unexpected. Then Tuesday. I came home from work and found a looong awaited postcard from my best friend Rine. She was in London in the middle of September and told me that she sent me a very cool postcard. I had not gotten it yet and thought it was lost in the mail for good. For some reason – maybe too much shoe shopping – she got my street number mixed up, that is why it took so long. So I was all smiles when I held it in my hand.

postcard London

(And now it is on the pin board next to my desk – again a crappy cell phone picture, because I cannot find my digital camera. Sorry.)

AND today, I got home and found a little package from the US. From my lovely friend Emily and her husband Nick. I will tell you more about her soon and how I got to know her. Emily and Nick got married at the end of August (actually two months ago from today) and I sent them a little wedding present. Today I received their thank you card and their favor, which they actually – as far as I know – only gave to their guests at the wedding. Since Emily has not blogged about the favor on her blog yet and I know that it is on the list of her wedding recaps, I cannot tell you what it is right now. I do not want to spoil her surprise respectively unique idea. But I promise to post a link here, when she tells about it in her blog.  Along with the favor Emily and Nick sent a card with very sweet words, that put some happy tears in my eyes.

I cannot express, how happy my man and I am are that we have such nice people in our life.

Thank you once again.

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