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An Ordinary Sunday

November 1, 2009

There is no ordinary Sunday in my life. Why? Well, that is mostly due to my boyfriends irregular shift-working schedule. However there are a few things we always try to get done on  Sundays. The first one is a long run, which enables us to exercise together while getting some talking done. Not serious talking, but catching up on things that happened last week and that we were not able to share on the phone or plans for the upcoming week. We managed to do this today as well. I tested my new asics winter-tights, which proofed to be way to hot for a sunny fall day like today, but that is nothing bad considering that they are supposed to keep me warm when there is snow outside. Unfortunately, I caught the snuffles at my 5k trail race two weeks ago, and therefore I especially enjoyed today’s run, because it was the first one since. Another thing we always try to do,  is to enjoy one meal together. Today it turned out to be a late breakfast, because my man has to work the late shift. He was so kind to get fresh rolls from the bakery and we watched an episode of The West Wing.

We were able to share another meal last night:

Schnitzel, peas, potatoesNothing special. Schnitzel, peas and potatoes. We still had the handpicked peas (which we picked/stole :)  in June) in the freezer and had not had Schnitzel for while. So I fixed it last night. Delicious. I am very much looking forward to our new apartment, a (much) bigger kitchen and cooking there. Yay!

I hope you are all having a nice Sunday too!

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