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Sending Green Boxes Across The Pond

December 8, 2009

I finally managed to finish wrapping and packing my four Christmas boxes, which will go to the US. I hope they make it in time. For obvious reasons I cannot state what is inside the green boxes… But here are some pictures of them. I guess that  makes the recipients even more curious. :)

Number 1 (arranged alphabetically according to the states) will go to California. To my best American friends Crystal and Corey and their little baby boy Jack. He was born on October 1st and is the most beautiful baby in the world. I am thankful for all the pictures and videos his parents send on a regular basis and cannot wait to hold him next year. Little Jack, you better do no start walking before I come over. I do not want you to be able to run away from me! I hope you will enjoy your first Christmas as a little family.

Number 2 will go to Indiana. To my (host) mom and dad. I hope that you will like what you get. It is something for the house. I miss you and will hopefully talk to you on Christmas morning (your time) like always!

Number 3 will go to Pennsylvania. To Emily and Nick. It will be your first Christmas as a married couple and I am sending you some German goodies across the pond. I know that I have already said it very often, but I cannot wait to meet you.

Number 4 will go to Tennessee. To my little (host) sister. You are the best sister in the whole entire world and I cannot wait to spend some quality time with you next year. Just enjoying being sisters. Hopefully we can use what I am sending your way. I also finally managed to put your requests in there!

I dropped them off at the post office last night, left a fortune for the shipping costs and now I hope everything will get across the pond safely. Please, let me all know when you received your packages!!!

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