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On The Move

December 15, 2009

Finally. Carsten and I both have our belongings in the new place. He moved his things last a week and I did last weekend. It is still absolute chaos, because two rooms still have to be painted, but fortunately we have a spacious cellar (our house is from the 1930s and every apartment (there are 5 in our house) has a cellar, which used to be a coal cellar – will now be used for cooling wine, beer and homemade jam… ), a bicycle storage room and an attic, where we can put all of our boxes and furniture. My man and the guys are doing such a great job with painting everything. I took off the coming Friday so I can help setting everything up. It is so pretty and we both absolutely love to see how everything comes into place. Eventually. When I come to Jena on Thursday, the boys will be done with painting. But I guess you can imagine, that there is still a lot to do:

– set up all furniture

– set up the kitchen (oven and everything) – in Germany it is not a given at all that you already have a kitchen in your apartment or house; luckily Carsten had one in his old apartment that we took with us and can use as a start since kitchens are REEEAAALLLY expensive; ours is quite roomy, which I love… :)

– put up the wooden blinds in the kitchen and office/guest room – they look lovely!

– find places for pictures, mirrors etc.

– and of course unpack all the boxes, which will probably take forever; but since we both took of from work between Christmas and New Year’s we won’t stress ourselves too much with getting done before Christmas…

I will try to post some halfway non-chaotic pictures next week.

By the way, about an hour after we got done unloading all my stuff on Saturday it started snowing and our “backyard” (it is not really a backyard, I will show you pictures and explain later on) was white. So nice! I love snow and in Jena snow is not so common. It is one of the warmest cities in Germany, because of the material of the hills surrounding it, which accumulate the heat.

Today, I will leave you with a picture of the Christmas market in Suhl:

and the Christmas market in Jena:

Snowy greetings,


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  1. December 15, 2009 4:19 pm

    Oh, I’ve heard so much about the Christmas markets in Germany. And they look as lovely as I imagined. Looking forward to seeing photos of the new place. Congrats!

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