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Christmas Cookies

December 16, 2009

In the midst of all the moving I totally forgot to take pictures of all the Christmas cookies I made in the meantime. But since moving helper #1 one (who was there and helped my man (almost) every single day and/or night for the last 10 days) dropped that he LOVES cookies, I went ahead last night and baked another load and remembered to at least take a quick picture (cell phone again, BUT I found my digital camera – it’s now in one of the million boxes in my new place, but it’s there and there will soon be better pictures! Promise.). The cookies I baked last night are typical German – Vanille Kipferl – and quite easy to make and melt in your mouth. Yummy! I pretty much bake them every year. I got the recipe from here: a few years ago. There you can read the recipes in German AND English. I love it. Since one of the things, which make baking and cooking American recipes so difficult for me are all the translating names, converting temperatures and measurements (luckily I got cups and spoon measuring utensils from my host parents a few years ago – they are often in use!) and often ingredients, which are not common to use over here. Unfortunately! :( Sometimes I wish this were easier…

So here is the picture of my cookies:

Wishing everyone happy and tasty holidays!

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