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Happy New Year!

January 3, 2010

I wish everyone, who finds her or his way to my little blog, all the best for the New Year. May 2010 be a healthy and blessed one for all of you.
Due to my move I haven’t found the time to blog lately. But I had a very nice Christmas with my dad, a very nice vacation/time off from work with lots and lots of time dedicated to the new place with my man and a very happy New Year’s Eve with sushi and fireworks from a roof deck at a friend’s place. So all is very well!
I promise to soon start a virtual tour through Carsten’s and my apartment. But today I want to show you something outside of our new home. This is what I decided to call my “season tree”. It’s right in front of our bedroom window and when we first visited our apartment in September – which was still under construction then – I noticed it right away. Back then it had colored leafes and looked just beautiful. Covered with snow, this is what it looks like now:

If I remember right, it is a maple. I am so much looking forward to see the seasons change with this tree. Small things make the world go round, right?! Talking about the snow. I went for my first real run after my accident today. I can still feel some pain, when I push at my knee, but running went fine. I just couldn’t resist the snow:

Wouldn’t you want to run in this? This is about five minutes away from our apartment. Some good music in my ears, my new fuel belt around my waist and I was off for 3,5km in the snow.

It felt amazing and was hopefully the start for my half-marathon training. I really wish that I can keep going and that there will be no more long term results from the accident. Running just clears my head and I hope to accomplish my trail half-marathon in May.

I promise to be back on a more frequent basis from now on.

Wishing everyone, who – like me – has to go back to work tomorrow, a very good start!

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