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Commuting – Working – Running – Commuting

January 6, 2010

The plan is to run a half-marathon in May. My plan is to run this trail half-marathon in May. Besides I have another, shorter race in the back of my head, which is in August. I just got back from my second run this year. No pain. 6,5km. Feels good. How I missed running after work.

Commuting makes training very hard. If – like tomorrow – I leave my new home to go to work and get back  to my new home the same day and do not stay at my dad’s place, which is in the city I work at, it takes me almost 14 hours due to the bad train schedule. I hardly ever do that. I usually go in to work later, stay longer, stay at my dad’s, go in early the next day and then leave early to go to my own home. It is hard to squeeze in running in between all this. Especially when the kilometers/miles are increasing and therefore running takes longer. But I am determined to do it. I like my job and in the current economic situation I am very very thankful that I found one right after finishing my Master’s. I even finalized the plans for my first short business trip today. I am going to Estonia for three days at the end of the month. I am excited.

I can do this. Commuting – working – running – commuting. I want to run this race and will do it. How I am going to take care off my relationship, friendships, keep cooking and so on I do not know yet. Life happens while I need to clear my head running. My friends understand so far and my man is as supportive as I could wish. We are both signed up for the race. We haven’t decided yet, if he will stay at my side or if he will run at his own pace. Whatever he ends up doing, is perfectly fine with me. I just know that I already have butterflies in my belly just thinking about standing there with him right before the race starts. It will be awesome. I know it. No more accidents until then. Please! Crossing my fingers and toes…

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