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Blog Place And A Wooden Chest

January 10, 2010

Let’s go on with showing you my new apartment. It is in a state, in which you can clearly comfortably live in it, nevertheless there are quite a few DIY-projects to come. For example, building a (big) shoe rack in a niche in our hall and painting a bedstand… I am looking forward to these, but I am really satisfied with how it looks right now. So here is my blog place in our living room:

Some shelves with my favourite books (and my grandmother’s favourite books) and Carsten’s history books. It was so hard to get these shelves on the wall. These are brick walls and well let’s just say I appreciate it so much, that they now hold my books. My old desk, a basket from my time in the US and my laptop. So this is where I will mostly be sitting – and where I am sitting right now – and blog. Some posts will be written in the train, some at my dad’s place, but this is my favourite blogging spot.

When I am sitting at my desk, I have this wonderful wooden chest on the wall behind me:

The chest along with a commode, which is in our kitchen (I will show you in a later post), were presents from my boss. He had them sitting in his cellar and asked me, if I could use them. I fell in love with them immediately, but wanted to check with Carsten first. Luckily, he liked them too and now the chest contains our bedding for guests. Guests are very welcome here! It is hand painted and quite heavy, because of the hard wood used to produce it. I like it a lot and am very thankful that my boss gave it to me.

Let’s see which room is next!

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