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Things I Like, 1

January 12, 2010

This will be a new category on my blog, because I believe it helps my (American) friends and family to keep up with my life and see what’s important to me. There will be food, books, places – all kinds of things. Big and very little. Today will already give a good mixture. I picked three things to start with.

First, my Wings. My Salomon XT Wings. Salomon was a king in the Bible. My favourite running shoe brand chose the same name. I have no idea why, but I am guessing that there is a reason. It is a French company, which produces sports equipment. I got my Wings while doing my internship at the German Ski Association. I love them. They are made for trails, but I also used them on concrete and in the snow. They will hopefully be the shoes I run my half-marathon in. Here they are:

Second, my favourite breakfast. Right now. This will probably change, but well. Couscous, fresh pomegranate and chopped almonds seasoned with cinnamon. Thanks to my best friend, I discovered couscous last year.  I had a pomegranate in the fridge at the weekend and decided to add the other ingredients for a breakfast. Accompanied with a fresh cup of coffee, it is the perfect start in the day.

(Note: I am NOT a good food photographer AT ALL. But it is delicious. Trust me.)

Third, the Zensah Lime Green V-Neck. Zensah is an American brand producing seamless performance apparel. They do not sell in Europe, but they ship to over here. However, the shipping costs are just so high. I would love love love to have this shirt for my training runs. I love the color, it is on sale and I read some really good reviews of their clothes, but well. You cannot have everything. Maybe they will one day sell their stuff somewhere over here. Start in Germany, please!!! Here is the shirt:

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