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A Blue Baking Pan

January 24, 2010

I got this blue baking pan from one of my best friends, Geli (thank you a lot!) for Christmas. It is made out of silicon.

Since Christmas a month has already passed and it was about time that I try out this new kitchen utensil. The silicon is supposed to make it easy to get the cake out of the pan. Well, let’s see how that went. I made a dough and poured it in. The manual, which came with the baking pan, suggested to put it on the rack and put the dough in there.

And then it went into the oven.  I was a little bit scared, since my recipe called for 60min at 180°C (ca.300°F). But everything went find. I took it out and turned out the cake.

This is what happened:

But I do believe, that it would simply have helped, if I put a little butter inside before pouring the dough in. Overall, I like it a lot! It is totally different, but great. And with some powdered sugar the result didn’t look as bad.

Carsten ate half of it last night as dessert after dinner!

Happy Sunday everyone.

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