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Business Trip To Estonia

January 26, 2010

Tomorrow I will fly to Estonia for business. Estonia isn’t the first country, which comes to your mind when thinking about Europe.

It is fairly small and had a rough past, Nevertheless, I heard it’s beautiful and cold. Very cold. I checked the forecast and it will be something like -20°C (ca. -4°F) during the days. However, I am excited. I have always wished for a job, which enables me to travel and now I can go to a country, which I probably would not have visited during the next decade. I will be flying out of Berlin then fly to Riga, Latvia and then get my connecting flight to Tartu, Estonia and arrive there sometime in the evening. There will be meetings on Thursday and Friday and hopefully also a little bit of time to do some sight-seeing. Probably not much, but we’ll see. Then I will fly back Saturday morning, meet with one of my best friends, Mella, for a cup of coffee in Berlin and then hop on the train back home, so that I will hopefully be back Saturday evening. Phew! Sounds like some long and interesting days are awaiting me. I exchanged money (Estonia is part of the European Union, but they do not have the Euro yet; their currency is Estonian kroon), got a new biometric passport, got out my functional underwear and now have to finish  (or start…) packing. I will hopefully be back with some great experiences and pictures.

Wishing everyone a nice week!!!

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  1. January 26, 2010 9:24 pm

    Safe travels! Looking forward to your travel recap :)

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