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More From Estonia

February 4, 2010

Wow, I really got slammed in the face by the news one of my colleagues just informed me about. (Nothing that affects me personally or job wise.) Life hits you hard every once in a while, but one of my best friend’s mom always states that mostly people get only burdened with so much as they are capable of handling. And I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.

Anyhow, I promised a few more pictures form Estonia and here they come.

I usually check out the minibar when I am in hotels. I never buy anything, but I think it’s fun to see what’s in there. Besides all the regular stuff such as coke, beer, wine, vodka, juice, chocolate and nuts, I found this in my minibar in Estonia. A pickle in a glass. I started grinning the instant I discovered it. Meant for the morning after. Nothing I had ever seen before. Funny.

Beautiful houses in Tartu. Due to the cold there were not very many people outside and the little narrow streets in the old parts of the cities I visited really looked like a painted setting.

The imaginary conversation between the Irish writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (1865-1933), depicted in the statue, might have taken place in the year 1892, but actually, the two men never did meet. Since, among others,  I studied British and American studies and am a big fan of Oscar Wilde and his writings, I enjoyed discovering this statue on a stroll in the evening.

And finally a  knight and me…

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