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Things I Like, 2

February 18, 2010

Last year in February, while I was still studying, my dad and I were  lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit a competition from the Speed Skating World Cup series in Erfurt for free.  Ever since that day, I am a fan of Shani Davis. He successfully participated in the competition back then and since I am often tempted to cheer for the US in all kinds of sports, that day was no exception. When I got home that evening, I researched a little bit about him and what I found out made Shani Davis even more likeable. Therefore, I of course liked it, when he won gold again in Vancouver yesterday. Congratulations!


Another food-thing, that I am not only recently crazy about, is sushi. The first time I ever tried it was homemade by my best friends several years ago. And I still like hers best!!! Luckily, I found a very good place in Jena and tomorrow evening after my yoga-class, I will go and pick some up and enjoy it while watching the Olympics… Yay!

Me trying my first sushi in 2006, I believe:

Rine, I miss this sooo much!!!:

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