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Poland And Housewarming

March 2, 2010

I made it back from Poland and had a wonderful weekend. Here are a couple of pictures from Poznan:

This is the town hall in the old market square. The loggia made it look very unique. It was built in 1300! And I loved that there are paired female allegories to virtues in the arcades: patience, faith, charity and courage.

Old houses in the sunset. If you ever happen to be close to Poznan, I do indeed recommend visiting the old city center and the old brewery.


On Saturday Carsten and I finally hosted a little housewarming party. We had some friends over, showed off our little place, enjoyed homemade chili sin and con carne and watched the Olympics and the last race of the German luger André Lange. For most of the afternoon the daughter of Carsten’s best friend was the center of attention. Edda is 10 months and absolutely into shoes already. :-) Cute as a button!

I enjoyed talking to one of Carsten’s friends, who is a triathlete. I got some running tips and we discussed pulse monitors/watches for quite a while. It is always good to get some new input, especially since my half-marathon is only 68 days away…

On (Sunday/)Monday – somewhere in between on the 29th – was my birthday. I had a wonderful time! More on my presents and the finished DIY-project later this week!

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