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Things I Like, 3

March 21, 2010

After a long and exhausting week, it is time for a few more things I like. We have been looking for a new bike for Carsten for the last few months. He has tried a lot and eventually bought one last week. It looks amazing and he got a great deal on it. Since the weather is horrible right now, he has only rode it once, but as soon as the weather gets better, I will try to get a picture of him riding it. In any case, while searching for his perfect bike, Carsten found something I have always wanted. An old folding bike. He surprised me with it on Women’s Day:

It is an old Mifa and therefore I called it Matilda Mifa. It is heavy, but practical and since it is a brand from the former GDR, it is part of our past. Matilda and I had a lot of fun on our first ride:

Of course, there has to be a food thing in my Things I Like. Brussels sprouts. I have not eaten them in years and always thought I simply don’t like them. When I was at the farmer’s market last weekend, I saw them in a big wooden box, they looked delicious and I thought let’s give them another try. I steamed them for a couple minutes and then sautéed them with some olive oil, onion and garlic. They were yummy!!! Sadly, the time for Brussels sprouts is pretty much over. But maybe I will get some fresh ones again within the next weeks.

And a last running related thing. I had been looking for some running glasses for a while. I have a small face and wanted something that fits, stays on and can deal with some sweat. Since I want to prevent wrinkles while running, it is a good thing that I found some now. The days are getting longer and I can finally run when there is still light outside after work. A friend of us works at an optometrist and therefore I could get a really good deal. And here they are: Adidas Gazelle.

Happy SUNday everyone!

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