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Preparing And Learning

April 17, 2010

Today, I ran a 13,5km (8,5 miles) race in preparation for my first half-marathon in three weeks. Unfortunately, my knee hurt really bad and I finished last. It was the first race from a 10-race trophy and I will probably participate in one more race later in the year. There were tons of professional runners and a really good friend of Carsten and me, a triathlete, finished 9th and acknowledged that pretty much all of the other runners were professionals, less than 1/5th of the participators were women (obviously a boys-race) and the course was a challenging one (with a total incline of 396m/ 1296feet). The elevation profile shows that the first part went only up-hill. (source)

I have to admit that I started out very fast. Too fast as Carsten later confirmed. He stayed with me the whole time and I am very very thankful. I don’t think I would have finished without him by my side. Thanks coach! I am not a very competitive sports person. I rather do sports for myself, in order to feel good and just enjoy. Besides, I am not very experienced in (running) competitions and because there were only something like 200+ runners, the race started out fast from the beginning on. However, I am okay with my time of 1:31:59. I iced my knee immediately after the race and hope that it will be okay for my half… I learned once again that I need to focus on my own pace and will try to work on my mental preparation a little more for the next three weeks.

Happy weekend everyone!

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