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Things I Like, 4

May 6, 2010

Something I really enjoyed lately are pink grapefruits. I always thought they were too sour, but since I tried them again a few weeks ago, I buy them regularly and they help me to hydrate before and after running. So good preparation for my race on Saturday. In 2 days. Yikes!

I guess there is no other option than saying that I LOVE count downs right now. 2 days until my half marathon and 6 days until I fly to the USA to see my sister Carol, my best American friends Crystal, Corey and their adorable little one Jack, my host family Lisa, Duane and grandma Emma and lots of other people, I am very excited about seeing again! I will be in Tennessee, California and Indiana (and a few other states for flight lay overs) and so very much looking forward to my 3-weeks vacation. It is not really fun to know that two very important presentations at work will be the day before I leave and the day I get back, but that is how life goes and I will just really try to enjoy the time in between.

But before I fly, I will conquer this profile:

I am nervous. It is raining right now and supposed to rain tomorrow, so far no rain for Saturday, but in the mountains you never know and if it rains, it will be cold as well. We will see. I am determined to cross that finish line and get my finisher-medal, no matter what the weather will be like. I feel prepared. I will do one more short run tonight, then stretch tomorrow and then see how it goes Saturday morning at 7:30am. There will be around 15,000 people running/ walking/ hand-biking in different races at the event. This is Europe’s biggest cross-country running event and since we will participate for the first time, we have to start at the end of the 7,000 runners running the half. There are narrow trails and I am not shooting for a time (well, I am sort of, but I  won’t tell). I just want to enjoy the race with my man and then reward myself with my 3-week vacation across the pond!

There will be at least a short race report. So wish me luck (especially with my knee) and stay tuned!


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