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Summer-Sunday Fun

July 22, 2010

We are having an amazing summer over here. It is warm, lots of sunshine, pouring rain and thunder every once in a while. Just perfect. Carsten and I used one of the perfect Sundays  last weekend and were out and about. We got up and had some fresh yet nourishing breakfast:

(couscous with hazelnuts and watermelon)

Then we took our bikes and rode about 8km to meet some friends at a stream close to us. The water was refreshing and the guys had lots of fun in the drifty water:

(Carsten having fun in the sun)

I soaked in the nature, warmth and relaxed.

(tiny poppy flowers)

When we road our bikes back home, Carsten decided to do a brick workout in preparation for his first triathlon in just three weeks. He grabbed the fancy bike and road it for an hour, came home, changed and we were off for a run together. I looove Sunday runs. While he was gone, I prepared dinner (fresh cauliflower from the farmer’s market – yum), so we had time to enjoy the evening with tasty food and a glass of wine. Summer weekends are the best!

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