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Sunday Hodgepodge or Things I Like, 5

August 22, 2010

I have been debating about what I would like to blog all weekend, but could not really make up my mind and so this will be a hodgepodge of things I like…

Last weekend my dad and I visited my grandmother’s cousin. We don’t have very much family left and had not seen her in 12 years. Since she is 89 it was about time to make the 5 hour trip west. It was such a sweet and very interesting visit. Rose told us old stories and I really enjoyed being around her! Thank you for your hospitality, Tante Rose.


Have I mentioned our kind neighbours? Next door in our apartment complex lives an elderly couple. They are in their 70s and have a community garden with lots of flowers and produce a five-minute walk away from our house. Carsten and I have been there a couple of times and over the summer they knock at least once week and give us red or black currants, chives, blackberries, peaches, apples or yellow plums. Those plums on the picture were waiting in front of our door last night. We are so thankful. The trees and bushes in the garden are many years old and therefore not genetically influenced at all (which becomes more important to me now that I am currently reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer). I am so thankful and will miss these little gifts once the summer is over.


Yesterday afternoon I surprised Carsten with a little city tour on a tower in the middle of our city, Jena. For half an hour a city tour guide told us a little bit about our city and some historical facts. It was a sunny afternoon and we both enjoyed it. Not everything was new to us, but some little anecdotes were surely unknown.

In the background you can see the battle fields of 1806, where Napoleon Bonaparte and the French fought against the Prussia and won. Jena is quite the historical place and we both cherish that. By the way, I have to admit that I am proud that my alma mata was founded in 1558.

And to round things up and come back to my visit with Tante Rose. Her great-grandfather was Johann Friedrich Röhr, a minister and spiritual succour of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous poet. He wrote and spoke Goethe’s funeral speech. They both lived during the battle of Jena-Auerstedt in 1806. Apparently, my great-great-great-great grandfather was quite famous. I knew that before and have visited his grave, which is in the garden surrounding Goethe’s burial vault in Weimar, but it was fun to hear some “closer” stories from a relative.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. August 22, 2010 6:29 pm

    Isn’t it interessting how long you can live in a city not knowing things every tourist could tell you? It’s the same like Chris and I felt after our sightseeing tour through Munich :-)

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