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Road Bike Number 1

September 14, 2010

As I said after Carsten’s 1st triathlon – there will be road bikes in our future. Well, after gathering tons of information and talking to quite a few people, Carsten test-road a carbon bike, which was really nice and he could have gotten it for a very good deal. Still, it was expensive and eventually we decided that since he never owned a road bike before, carbon was not the way to go (yet). So off I went for a search on Ebay. Originally, I was looking for one for myself, but by accident found one with circles, I knew Carsten would like and which was his size. To make a long story short, after being incredibly squirelly on the Sunday the auction ended, he did end up getting it for an AWESOME prize. When it came in the mail, it turned out to be quite dirty. Something you could not tell from the pictures. That seems to be the prize for getting it from Ebay. But the parts are in a very good shape and  after hours and hours of cleaning with q-tips and lots of patience, he took it for a first long ride on Sunday.

And he loved it. It was definitely the right decision. After he got back, it was my turn. Apparently, the bike/frame is to large for me, but I loved the feeling. It’s just so different from my 12(?) year-old mountain bike or even my folding bike.

So, now I am searching high and low for a used one for me. I am not in a hurry and convinced that a good deal will show up at some point of time. I have sorted out what I want and don’t want on mine, which I believe is a good thing. So be patient with me and as soon as road bike number 2 joins our bicycle fleet, I will let you know!

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