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Vacation – Lovely Knoxville, TN

September 17, 2010

So, here we go. I am finally recapping my USA vacation in May/June.

First, I flew to my beloved (host) sister Carol to Knoxville, TN. She even had a grapefruit waiting for me, when I arrived, because I had just blogged about how much I like those. I love her so much. I had visited her in Knoxville before in 2006, but did not get to see very much of the city back then. So this time, we had a little more time to explore the city. But first we got pedicures (I fell in love with OPI nail polish, one of the things you cannot get over here. Sigh.) and caught up on life with a glass of wine in our hand. Even though we do talk on the phone regularly, talking in person is just different.

Then Carol took me to the park of the World’s Fair 1982, we went up the sunsphere, strolled around a little and had a peek inside the chocolate factory, where I got Carsten some fudge and Carol and I enjoyed a fresh chocolate covered strawberry. Yummy!

My sis showed me the old city, which is really lovely and European, if I may say so. And we met one of her friends to eat at Tomato Head, which I remembered from my last visit and wanted to eat at again. I highly recommend it! Their food is amazing.

Eventually Carol introduced me to red velvet cupcakes. I had never tried those before and wow, it was one of the best sweets I ever tried and which we do not have over here either. We got a selection of mini cupcakes. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have them over here… Could need one (or two or three) right now!

After a couple of days in Knoxville, Carol, a few of her friends and I flew to Southern California…


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