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Vacation – Hanging in Southern California

September 19, 2010

So Carol, her friends and I took off to Southern California. Robert and Brittany, two of Carol’s friends, were going to get married there and wanted to have some time with their friends at a beach house before hand. I was very lucky to join them and get to know some amazing people. I could not stay for the wedding, but saw the beautiful pictures and can only state over and over again, that my little sis has amazing friends, who are always welcome to come for a visit over here. Carol and I took our feet to the beach…

We enjoyed hanging out at Hunington Beach and ate tons of delicious Mexican food accompanied by Coronas.

We rode bikes along the beach next to the BEAUTIFUL beach houses.  I took a few runs in the misty and calm mornings, just sucking in the salty ocean air.

And enjoyed our nights with tasty Margaritas.

I had an awesome time. Carol, thank you so much for taking me along and introducing me to your friends! Robert and Brit, I wish you a lifetime of love and hope to meet your little ones next year!

After Southern California, I was northbound, to a city and house I had visited before. But a something was new. His name is Jack…

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