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A Little Background On The Blog Language

January 19, 2011

When Carsten, my dad or I tell friends about my blog, they pretty much always ask why I am writing in English. Along with trying to understand the name… Well, let me explain. The language question. There is more than one reason.

Amongst others I studied British and American Studies at university. I read tons of literature in English – Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Ernest Hemingway, Ian McEwan, T.C. Boyle, Alice Walker – just to mention a few and wrote  numerous papers on literature, linguistics and cultural studies. I was pretty much confronted with the language every day. After my final exams this changed from one day to the other. I missed it and do not want to lose my ability to write in English. I did need the language at my first job, but not so much at my current position. Maybe for my PhD thesis. Yet, that will never be nearly as much as in university. Since I like expanding my vocabulary in all kinds of fields, I decided to write my blog in English. There are probably mistakes here and there (and you are all welcome to correct me at any time, really), but I can for sure say that it has helped me to keep and maybe even improve my language skills. Use it or lose it, it’s as easy as that.

The second reason, why I am writing in English, is my amazing host family and friends across the pond. Exactly ten years ago, I was living an Indiana. In a little town in Indiana with my second family, as I like to call them now. They are the reason why I call the USA my home while Germany is my home home. The blog helps me to keep them up to date about my life. I started it, when I started my first job. At a time when a lot of changes took place. Life did not really slow down since then and I hope it gives some Americans, who are near and dear to my heart, a little insight in my every day life. I miss life in the US and I miss my host family, especially my little sister. I love them very much. In November last year I read about a sweepstakes from Tyndale House Publishers. You could win a free, autographed copy of Run To Overcome by 2009 NYC Marathon Champion, Meb Keflezighi. All you had to do was enter an US address. Without hesitation I entered my name and my host family’s address and put their name c/o. I had already forgotten about it, when I received an email that I won a copy while I was on a business trip. I emailed my host mom and when she received the parcel with my name on it, she put the envelope with the book in my christmas package. I picked it up at my dad’s place on Monday and to still read my name along with my US address made me smile. It is still my home. I love this. Thank you!

I am excited to read the book. In English, of course. There you have a little background on my blog writing language or why I am writing in English and not in German.

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