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Crumble in the Jungle

May 16, 2011

I am still here and doing fine. Lately I feel like I have to find my way through a jungle, not literally, but more in the sense of that there is a bunch of stuff going on. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Stuff comes up and you have to find your way through it or around it or sometimes just wait patiently till it passes. But overall things are good. We are enjoying a ton of time outside when ever we can. Barbecue, biking, frisbee, running – you name it, we do it. Carsten was gone over the weekend for a professional training and I made quite the progress on my PhD thesis. It was a nice weekend, but except for a visit to the farmer’s market and a few runs, I basically stayed inside and read. But a girl got to do what a girl got to do and since it was my decision to get a PhD, it was just fine. I enjoyed my stroll over the farmer’s market very much though. It was fun to see more than just root vegetables pop up and I got quite a bit of rhubarb and made a crumble when Carsten got home last night.

I am a very big fan of crumbles, because you can choose so many different fruits or vegetables (rhubarb is indeed a vegetable, in case you did not know), make huge streusel or smaller ones, add oatmeal or whole wheat flour, add cinnamon or other spices and it all comes together so easily. Love it. And I had the left overs for breakfast this morning.

Before I get back to my jungle, I would like to inform you about a study a fellow blogger is doing. Kath from My Funny Little Life is the only German blogger I know, who blogs in English as well and is currently working on her diploma thesis at the department of social psychology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. If you can spare a few minutes, maybe you can hop over to her blog and participate in her online study or just use the following direct link:



Since I am working in the field of academics, I know how important it is to get good research results and Kath has a give away too!

I will soon be back with progress on Carsten’s and my travel plans to the US. September is sneaking up and even though we have a very sportive summer laying ahead of us, we are already very much looking forward to fly across that big pond in September – it’s the first time for Carsten and I cannot wait to show him my second home!

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  1. May 16, 2011 4:46 pm

    It’s so important that you balance the work load with something you enjoy, like spending time outside – especially when the work ties you to your desk! :) You rhubarb cramble looks fantastic, and it must have tasted even better! :D

    Thank you for your support with my study! This means so much to me! :D

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